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... oh, hi.

So.... this community still exists. Who knew? News rundown!


People trying to reach wolf-spoor.org will doubtless notice that it's kinda not there. Long story, but the upshot is that I'm looking for new hosting. I'll probably have some a couple of months down the road.

In the meantime, the lovely people at oWOD chat Immortal Vigilance have donated some space, so Wolfspoor will temporarily be hosted there until that time. So you can find it here:


New style

I've only posted a subset of my avatars for now, but honestly this seems as good a reason as any to end support for my previous icon style. I've been doing those for 10 years, and to be honest, I'm kind of tired of them. My news style's a lot simpler, cleaner, and I feel more visually striking. Old set had a symbol with the texture from the cover of the book, usually a bevelled edge, and a 30% transparent background image. New set is a simple gradient with colours taken from the book cover.

It lets me play around with things, like having oWOD shrimps and nWOD mortal skulls colour-coded for each game line to make things easier for chat admins. I've also added similarly coloured d10 icons.

The new set really looks nice at chat size. Previously my main concern was "can I still tell what this is when it's tiny?" That's no longer a worry with the new set. I hope everyone enjoys it.


I've also created a Facebook page where most of my updates are going to be for now, because let's be honest, waaaay more people use Facebook than LJ these days. You can find it at this link.

Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition

With V20 around the corner, I've created a V20 set with all the official symbols. I'm "done" for now, but...

A number of bloodlines are going to be added to the book which don't currently have symbols. The Anda (Wind from the East), the Children of Osiris (Hunters Hunted), and several other bloodlines, updated to Revised rules. They'll finally be getting symbols of their own. Including a modern version of the Cappadocians.

When they're unveiled for the first time, I'm going to create or update the V20 set for them.

New Symbols

One thing V20 will not be creating symbols for are "clan variants." Rather than standard bloodlines, this refers to groups like the Assamite Sorcerer caste, the Mariner Gangrel, all the antitribu, and so on. In the book, clan variants will get about 1/4 page each.

So I figure, what the hell? If the other bloodlines are getting updates for the 20th anniversary, why not the variants? So I'm making the symbols myself. They won't appear in the final book and are non-canon, but given that this is probably the final book for Vampire: The Masquerade, it deserves them.

Every week I'm putting up a poll on the aforementioned Facebook page. Each week I'm taking the top two winners and creating symbols for them until I'm done (you guys really like your Dark Ages!). Symbols I create are being added to the White Wolf Wiki and to Wolfspoor's VTM page (or Dark Ages Vampire, as the case may be).

If there's a symbol you want to see, be sure to vote in the polls!

I think that's it for now. Toodles, and I hope to see some of you at The Grand Masquerade this fall!
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New design

Now that WW's new forums and new store are up, Wolfspoor's been redesigned:


I was up until 4AM this morning re-coding the Avatar page. o_0

Same avatars as before, sorted a little differently. Links to old pages (whitewolf.php and startrek.php) will link to the new page, but links to individual sections, like the Promethean avatar section, fr'ex, won't work anymore.

Since the official WW chats are down, I imaging more people will be heading to unofficial chats, or starting up their own. The Digichat menu option at the top currently links to a page full of ideas for anyone who wants to use a Digichat, with examples. If I get access to a Digichat environment to play around with, I'll try implementing some ideas and opening the code up for everyone else to use.
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Demon & Digichat

Demon: The Fallen has been completely upgraded to 120x120, and I've added the Earthbound as a bonus.

Now, as mentioned, I'm making sure all my Digichat packages are updated. I came up with what (I thought) was a good idea last night... Digichat-specific icons. Now, downloading my packages, you can have a full thematic icon set without any gaps. As usual, Digichat-compatible image files are found zipfile in the Digichat links on each relevant page.

This way, if you've got a Werewolf chat, you have a full set of Werewolf-themed icons available to you. Likewise if you have a multi-venue chat, you can mark yourself and your assistants with a venue-specific symbol so you'll have fewer Demon players asking you to sanction their character when all you deal with are vampires. It's also emminently possible via coding to add different Xes based on what kind of character the player is creating, so STs know at a glance who has what type of character waiting to be sanctioned.

Of course, if there are any gaps that I haven't accounted for, let me know and I'll try to accomodate. New Bremen, for example, had a specific icon for emergency personnel. I have no idea if that sort of thing would be useful to anyone else.

Anyhow, on with the show:

UnsanctionedOut of CharacterAssistant STStoryteller
Old World of Darkness:

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Updates, digichat

I've updated a ton of icons since my last update.

New sections:

New symbols:

Upgraded symbols: A lot of my older things were at 80x80, and have been for years. I've been slowly upgrading them to 120x120.

Altered symbols:
  • Changeling: The Lost courts were done up full-colour by Elfteiroh.
  • Changeling: The Lost seemings had been bad shapes, and are now darker for easier viewing.
  • Changeling: The Dreaming replaced Arkane's images with the official ones wherever possible.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade. Many clans/bloodlines were based on low-quality gifs. I made or acquired new high-quality images to base them off of. Specifically: Assamites, Brujah, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Giovanni, Lasombra, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Toreador, Tremere, Tzimisce, Ventrue, Ghouls, Caitiff, Daughters of Cacophony, Gargoyles, Harbingers of Skulls, Malkavian antitribu, Nagaraja, Nosferatu antitribu, Ravnos antitribu, Salubri, Salubri antitribu, Samedi, Toreador antitribu, Tremere antitribu, Ventrue antitribu, "Prince".

Because the official chats will be closing soon, I've added a lot of new Digichat icon packages for people to grab for their own fan-based Digichat chat rooms. Also made sure that the existing packages were updated with the most recent version of all the icons I have. Just look for the download link at the top of each page.

Um, hi.

Apparently there are still people who read this community.

Well, as many of you probably know, Wolfspoor was down for a while; I didn't see the point in continuing Wolfspoor as a news site when WW itself is doing a fairly admirable job these days, with the site redesign in 2004. I had a cryptic message indicating that something exciting was around the corner. Regrettably that never happened.

So for now, with a lack of anything else to do, Wolfspoor's mostly going to be a site for forum avatars. Mostly White Wolf avatars, but I'm going to be adding others, as I find things that interest me. There's already a Star Trek section, for example.

Stuff I don't think I've mentioned here is that I've got a fancy new PHP script going, which means you I don't need to create predetermined file sizes. All new images are created at 120x120, but you can resize them to anything you want. Anything bigger will probably look like crap, but smaller sizes (100x100, 50x50, 73x73, whatever) look just fine.

For those of you running DigiChat sites, many sections also have a Digichat link at the top. I've created optimized 24x24 gif files, which look damn good if I say so myself. Immortal Vigilance is using them as shown Collapse )

I've also slowly been adding higher-res graphics, updating some of the older 100x100 and even 80x80 images I have up. I've also added new avatars to existing sections (like the Disparates on the Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade page) and new sections entirely (like Ars Magica).

I'm going to see about adding an option to change the background on the fly to lighter, darker, or a patterned background so people can more easily see how a given avatar will look on different backgrounds, with the transparencies.

If there's anything you'd like to see added or updated, let me know.
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New and improved

Got the new and improved avatar page up. In addition to the new icons available, it's possible to view avatars at 120x120 (WW forum-sized), 100x100 (LJ-sized), 80x80, 60x60, 50x50 and 24x24 (Digichat sized).

Note that the 24x24 Digichat size won't actually work for Digichat, which accepts GIFs, not PNGs. But it's a good way of previewing and seeing how distinct an icon can be at that size.

And if you want, you can just edit the URL to display icons in whatever size you want. Want something which is 70x70? No problem...
Change this:
to this:

And yes, it dynamically renders the images at the requested size, so if you right-click and Save As, you'll get the image at that size. I'm not just stretching or compressing it with HTML, here, this is much fancier. (:


So WolfSpoor is back online.

Unfortunately, if you visit, you may notice that the site sort of... well... doesn't work. At all.

Interestingly enough, Continuing the Continuum, which (by and large) uses the exact same files, is fine, while WolfSpoor proper is not. So I figure the DDoS attack fucked up the site theme that I use for WolfSpoor. So I'm going to have to fiddle with that to make it functional again.

DDoS confirmed.

I'm back. I confirmed with my host that it is, in fact, a DDoS attack. He un-suspended my account for two minutes and the server usage immediately spiked.

While it was back up, he was able to check server stats... in the list of top 10 browsers, "? Unknown" was the top of the list with 125568 hits. Same thing with with the top 10 operating systems: "Unknown" has 10k more hits than Windows does.

So yeah, this isn't regular traffic. I'm under an attack from an unknown party for an unknown reason.

It's probably just a random attack, although I find it suspicious that it's so close to the attack on WW's site. I actually updated my software in the days following the attack on WW, so it's unlikely that they're able to get anything. Besides, since I don't sell anything, there's no personally identifiable information such as street addresses or credit card information for them to get. If it's a random attack, then they have no way of knowing that.

This won't last forever. I have no idea how long it will last, but sooner or later the attackers will get tired and stop trying. In the meantime, I'll continue to use this journal for both site updates and occasionally WolfSpoor's regular news items.